Monday, 10 June 2013

Crabby (In a Good Way)

We had another day of baby steps of moving forward.  Mr.B is now on the max of Pedialyte of 40mls/hr and the hope is to reintroduce a low blend of formula tomorrow morning.

He was crabby today and not because he was feeling sick but that he's annoyed he can't go out and explore the floor!  He and I spend a few hours each day on the floor mat but he's determined to explore further and one can only imagine what is on a hospital room floor.  It's so reassuring to see his energy levels up and his spunk coming back.  I can't help but be happy that's he crabby (albeit it gets a bit much after 12 hrs!).

I took him out for a couple of short 'walks' again tonight and he loved the change of scenery and pace.  He got annoyed with me if I stopped moving for too long!

Mike brought the brothers up again tonight and they had a good play (mostly with the elevators but oh well!).

The hope is (and I'm not saying this where B can hear it) is that we get up to full feeds on Thursday, do an Oxsymmetry Monitor (oxygen) test that night and go home Friday.  Obviously there are several variables involved but there is a light at least!

The chat I had today with Respiratory is that he'll still come home on oxygen but for 'back-up' use generally.  That is HUGE!!!  19 mths and those lungs are certainly growing and getting stronger.

His cough is still there and pronounced but his lungs are still sounding clear and he is maintaining his oxygen levels beautifully. (His RT's will all be SO proud!)

GI was by as well and we're starting him back up on some of his meds through his g-tube (as opposed to IV).  They just reiterated the possible start on formula and that we're taking it slow and steady.  I asked them at what point they would be comfortable sending him home and they said as long as he's back up on his regular amount of formula.  That being said, I let them know that I really don't want to live life on 24hr feeds and they did say they would take that into consideration upon discharge decisions.

All in all a good day, another long day, but a good one.  A thank you to Kelly R for bringing by dinner tonight, the kids told me on the phone it was 'yummy'!  Also a Thank you to Velvet for coming through with a phone charger for me (in her secret stash!).  Thank you again (I can't say it enough) for all of you that look out for us! 

From Our Home (Hospital Room) to Yours...

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