Wednesday, 12 June 2013

One Step Closer to Our 'Normal'

I switched things up last night and left the hospital in time to tuck the big boys into bed.  I thought I would surprise them all and be there for bedtime.  I got home in time to clean like a fiend and then tuck the big boys in.  I was pretty proud of myself for stepping away from B long enough (guilt ridden) to do something for the other boys until Torin burst into tears when he found out that I wasn't going to the zoo with their classes today...sheesh, I can't get a break!  I can feel more confident now that life will soon go back to our 'normal' and that T will settle back into his routine and his 'normal' too.

We had a pretty low-key day today (which is what you want during hospital life) aside from B's parade of (gorgeous Nurse) visitors.

Okay, so how do you take this out Justine?
We came in this morning to find out Justine was his Nurse today which was a treat.  I was certainly feeling a bit more 'on top' of things this morning so it was just a extra nice surprise to have one of our favourite Nurses with B (not that we've not had fabulous ones all along). this gonna hurt??
B got switched over to 100% formula this morning as well and has been tolerating it really well all day.  The agreement was if he could tolerate it for 4 hours then the IV could come out.  It felt like a pretty big success when that IV came out, like we are really getting out of here soon.

Being a goof with Nurse Tanya
We are just plugging along with his switch to formula from pedialyte and the plan is to switch over to a Pediatric formula tomorrow morning.  I'm much happier to trial a new formula here in a controlled environment then at home again!  Our last foray into a new formula had him retching all over the place until the feed was taken out of his stomach and thrown out.  If he can tolerate the new feed for 24 hrs then the plan is to take him off continuous feeds and put him back on bolus feeds (every few hours).  I am a bit nervous about the new formula but like I said, he's under watchful eyes here.

Lovin' on Nurse Sarah
Mr.B's been his playful self this morning as well, making all that come in to see him laugh.  He really is such a character and the older he gets the funnier he gets (and now HE thinks he's funny too).

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