Sunday, 9 June 2013

Baby Got Back

We've seen some pretty good improvements with Mr.B today, he's got some of his spunk back.  Not to mention he is even more thoroughly annoyed with his Momma when she's not there so that much mean he's feeling a bit better.

Up and at 'em!
He had a large, unassisted poop this morning (you're welcome!), which means that things are moving slowly on their own which is an awesome sign.  B was able to cope with having his g-tube clamped without retching so they started him on 10mls/hr of Pedialyte (1 whole tsp an hour!). 

Supposed to be sleeping...
He handled that well and is now up to 15mls/hr with the hope that they will bump him up to 20mls/hr overnight.  It's not a lot but it is certainly a start!  He did have a slight retch tonight for me but he was actually able to recover it on his own which is very reassuring.  I don't know if the Ileus is the only gut problem so I'm certainly concerned with the addition of the fluid but we've got to start somewhere.

Feeling a bit more like Mr.B
Another huge blessing is that the IV is still hanging on!  I met with  Anaesthesiology today to discuss his history and review the possibility of having to use a general anaesthetic tomorrow if they do decide to proceed with the PICC line.  I'm not sure if the PICC is even going to be needed if he can maintain having his stomach stimulated with the Pedialyte overnight.

I escaped my room for a bit of fresh air and fun!
So things are moving forward, no pun intended.  I'm sure we'll be here for most of this week still though even if he has the ability to handle formula it's going to have to be a long process to get him back to his regular feeds.

We sure missed each other Daddy!
My biggest concern still is his cough, it gets very loud and productive when I have him upright.  I know his lungs sound good and he's maintaining his oxygen but the cough is seemingly getting worse not better (even with all the steroids and such going in).  We'll see what Dr.Levere says tomorrow as he's not seen him for two days and will be seeing him with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Thank you (again) for our friends that are taking care of us, Michael told me that Sumyu dropped of dinner tonight (even wheat-free for me) and that my lawn got mowed (thank you Dylan/Ang).
The Goofy Crew!

From Our Home (Hospital Room) To Yours...

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