Sunday, 30 June 2013

Home is Wherever Mr.B is

Okay Momma, time to take this thing off now!
HOME!!!  Yippee!  We brought Mr.B home on a weekend 'pass' to see how the new feeding schedule will work out at home.  It was a bit questionable last night if we'd be able to come home or not as he was showing signs of Rotavirus virus but we were still cleared to come home.

Asleep in his own bed where he belongs
We did complete B's contrast study yesterday and it showed...nothing.  Nada, nilch, zero...which is awesome don't get me wrong, but frustrating too.  That means that there is still no answers as to why any of this (the inability to tolerate food) even happened to begin with.  It was incredibly stressful going into the test just knowing what he was going to have to endure but my child, my Angel, was such a trouper through it!  Mr.B was so fantastic, yes he cried and yes he was miserable but he/we got through it.  I am pretty well known in the Diagnostic Imaging rooms (who am I kidding probably the whole blooming hospital) as the 'singing Mom' and I did just that, I sang and sang.  B is really very soothed by music so I don't much care about the world around me, I sing, a all the time during tests.  I'm fairly certain that I might drive some of the techs and such a bit crazy at times but it is really all about B, all of it.  If there is anything I can do to soothe him and comfort him I will certainly do just that!

Yippee!  Look at me!!  Bye-Bye ACH!
It was a fairly hilarious trip home as Mr.B has finally graduated up to a 'big boy' carseat and is now facing forward.  He was just taking in everything around him that he could see out his window and giggling.  He was happy to be home as well but I really do wonder what goes through his mind.  You've gotta wonder if he thinks it's just for a 'visit' or not since the last time home was very short.  It took a bit to get him settled tonight and it will certainly take an adjustment period for me to figure out a feeding schedule that will work.  It feels a bit like we might get into a routine of sorts and then we'll be headed into surgery.

Arriving home
Oh yes, surgery!  We've got a date for August 7th and we've got the new g-tube, ear tubes and the GI scope on board.  I don't know what happened with the Opthamologist, I don't know if Sheena ever heard back from him.  I guess that will just be for a later date.  I did also put in a last minute request if there is any way we can get his teeth cleaned at the same time.  With the severity of his oral aversion I can't get near him with a tooth brush.  He still only has the one little front tooth on the bottom but he's now up to four molars and they are not getting cleaned.  I really don't think we need to add dental issues to our list just yet!

Okay so Mr.B might not have been as impressed...sorry boys!
We had a bit of a blast on Thursday, it was a crazy busy day but full of fun for the kids.  The big boys attended a 1/2 day of school to wrap up the school year since they missed the last week due to the floods.  They got a chance to get all of their 'stuff' (I have NO idea when I'm going to sort through it all) and they got a chance to see (most of) their friends to say 'have a good summer'.  I think it was certainly a harder time for the teacher then it was for the students and parents, we'd already had a taste of summer!  The boys got to have their final 'fun lunch' as a picnic outside of the school and say their good-byes.  We jetted off to ACH to join in the festivities of the Canada Day Party in the main area.  As well as Canada Day they also invite the Stampeders to come each year on the day before their opening game.  I have to say that the two times I've met some of the team I've been impressed.  They are really nice guys that take the time to be patient with the kids (and the parents).  I applaud the Stampeder's organization for it's commitment to giving back to the community and their participation at ACH.

After the party at ACH we zipped off to the boy's first swimming lesson at the Highwood Pool and the boys did a great job!  I have my fingers crossed and re-crossed that they might finally get the beginnings of swimming.  Torin seems to have turned a corner this year in his sensory issues and water...he was excited to go to swimming lessons, YAY!  I am so proud of the both for their bravery!

Peeking out his hospital window at
the world outside
Mr.B had his own 'moment' yesterday, the next few pictures will tell the story but I have to say just how much this child amazes me.  He might have zero strength on his lower right side of his back but he is really adapting life to his own.  He is getting so much stronger elsewhere that he is finding himself getting faster at getting around and trying new things.  How can you not be amazed and inspired at the strength and perseverance that this child shows each and everyday?  I am simply astounded at his ability to adapt to his situations and I can only begin to imagine where we will go from here!

Gripping the couch to hold himself upright


Using Ashley's help to follow the people he's watching outside

There's no stopping his curious mind!

And of course...he's stuck, again.

Resting his chin on the couch and just
daydreaming about being outside

From Our HOME To Yours...

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